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Voncia's Message:

We know the following:
  • too many of our students are under-performing based on the test scores and behavior. 

  • many wonderful teachers and administrators have left DCPS. 

  • parents want more for their children. 

  • the remaining educators want and deserve better working conditions.

Einstein said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.  Therefore, if we want better results in these areas just discussed, WE MUST MAKE CHANGES and measure the anticipated results against the actual results and adjust accordingly.  It will take ALL of us working together with the SAME vision to give our students every opportunity to be successful.

This means – WE NEED YOU to vote for NEW Board members with drive, vision and a heart for ALL children.  This means creating new partnerships with local colleges and universities to aggressively recruit the brightest graduates to join DCPS staff.  This means rewarding our most innovative teachers who are producing measurable results.  This also means dealing with Educators and/or administrators who do not have the skills or desire to put forth the effort required for children to be successful.

In addition, we need to partner with businesses to make sure we are producing students who are properly equipped for successful employment.  For 32 years, I have had to learn many new things and prove the value of my efforts each year to maintain my job.  I believe these are easy tasks for those who are passionate about what it is that they do.

School Safety:

Existing policies regarding student and staff safety as well as bullying must be administered consistently and fairly.  In addition, effective alternative schools and an appropriate number of social service/mental health professionals must be available to assist students in need.  Restorative practices should be examined for inclusion to reduce bullying, improve human behavior and repair harm as well as relationships.

School Readiness:

Pre-school education and preparedness is essential for preparing a child for a successful school and learning experience.  I believe that any child found not ready to enter first grade, should be given the opportunity to attend an effective summer program to fill identified gaps.

Student Retention:

I believe that if we work closely with students to help them “see what they can be”, they will be intrinsically motivated to stay in school and complete their course of study to achieve their dreams.  I created the “Student Success Conference” to educate, engage and encourage our students and parents.

Budget Transparency:

I will ensure that all stakeholders have input into the budget by attending meetings and listening to all views as well as requiring a thorough benefit analysis for spending requests that are subsequently verified.